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Great cars, Great People, Great Rates

Wenatchee World readers have voted AC Checker Taxi “World’s Best Taxi Company” two years in a row!

We wouldn’t be the best if we didn’t have the world’s best customers!


Excursions and adventures

  • We offer hourly or by-the-mile service for vacationers and sight seers
  • Apple Blossom Festival
  • North Central Washington Sight seeing Tours
  • Chelan festivals
  • Wine Tours

Our History

AC Checker Taxi was founded in May 2014 with a focus on community service

Our founders knew Wenatchee needed - deserved - a high quality taxicab and delivery service. There have always been a few options available, but the region has been perpetually under served in the taxicab and delivery segments. We aimed to correct this while also raising the bar for timeliness, vehicle quality, and driver grooming and conduct standards.

After test driving dozens of makes and models, our founders settled on Lincoln Town Cars. There were lots of options, some with better fuel economy and some with more room, but the Lincoln Town Car stood out as a perfect balance of economy, comfort, and luggage room.

One of our very first decisions was to offer great rates, but still include discounts for seniors and veterans. We also offer very affordable flat-rate services to anywhere in the Northwest.

We decided right at the beginning to proactively seek opportunities to make a difference to people in the communities we serve. During the Carlton Complex Fire emergency, we provided free transport for fire victims, fire management and firefighting crews, and relief agencies. At Christmas time, we took nominations and chose 5 families who really needed a boost - and we provided Christmas dinner and gifts for the family members. See, we don’t hold a lot of faith in big corporate-style “Non-profit” charities - even though we do contribute some to a few - we think we can make a much more profound difference in people’s lives and in our communities by taking a hands-on approach to caring.

A lot has changed since then. The company has grown by leaps and bounds, now serving all of North Central Washington 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; but our commitment to serving our neighbors and giving back to our communities remains stronger than ever.

Our Commitment to quality and safety

Driving a taxicab may seem like a simple thing, but there’s a lot that has to happen before a car and driver can take you anywhere!

Our cars undergo a full 168 point safety and operability inspection BEFORE they undergo any of the legally required “official” inspections for licensing. Once our cars meet our demanding standards, they are insured and licensed, then they go to our shop to have their top lights, ad carriers, and meters installed. The meter then gets calibrated, and is certified by a licensed technician. From there, the car goes to our design studio where our official placards and signage are applied. Finally, our fleet tracking provider comes out and installs the security hardware - Cameras, vehicle diagnostic monitoring, and GPS tracking. Now the vehicle is an AC Checker Taxi!

Our drivers undergo several steps, as well, to qualify to get behind the wheel of one of our Lincolns! Our drivers must pass a written exam,  drug and toxicological screening, an extensive background examination, motor vehicle records check, and they must obtain a certificate of fitness from  a licensed physician. Once they meet these qualifications they get their state, county, and city taxi driver licenses as necessary. Only then are they qualified to be an AC Checker Taxi driver!

We hold our drivers and dispatchers to highly demanding standards of ethical conduct at all times. We do not tolerate ANY form of impairment while driving - on or off duty - nor do we allow the use of cellular devices while driving. Even our dispatch system is designed so the drivers don’t need to pay attention to it while the vehicle is in motion!

Why do we do all this and rigorously hold such high standards? It’s simple: Public safety, passenger safety, and driver safety are our top priorities!